dataset optimization

Debug your training data. Optimize your model

Unlock the full potential of your AI model by removing mislabeled items, outliers and more. Unlearn items quickly and efficiently without retraining.

the problem

Data labeling issues hurt accuracy and waste time

Data science teams waste days sifting through data and building makeshift in-house solutions.

Finding faulty data is a time waster

Labeling errors are annoying. But manually looking for issues makes no sense.

Debugging AI models is frustrating

Struggling with overfitting, biases or bad accuracy? Finding the root cause is a challenge.

Retraining takes too long and costs too much

You’re sitting around waiting for your model to retrain. You could have launched the project by now.

How it works

Your complete AI debugging toolkit

4 simple steps

step 1

Install and link your model and data

Whether you prefer pip or Docker install - 1 line of code and 2 links. You’re ready to go.

step 2

Get insights on your data

  • Mislabeled items
  • Outliers
  • Ambiguous items
  • Under-sampled areas
  • And more...
Step 3

Debug your model

Input the faulty prediction → Get instant root cause analysis. Find underlying data issues and actionable insights on how to solve them.

Step 4

Remove faulty data instantly. No retraining.

Unlearning takes <5% the time and cost of retraining. Model accuracy is retained and improved.

Unlock your model’s full accuracy potential

Reach your KPIs and complete projects faster while getting rid of the annoying part of the job

Stop manually sifting through labeled data

Finding faulty data is a universal problem. It makes no sense to improvise a solution every time.

Know what’s really causing the issues

Get certainty and save time debugging complex models and huge datasets.


Seamless integration with your AI stack

No need to change workflows


Leading AI experts trust Hirundo

As AI regulation evolves, cost effective Machine Unlearning technology will become a must.

Avi Tel-Or

CTO, Intel Ignite

I've tried many data quality solutions. Hirundo finds data issues and mislabels at a level I’ve never seen before.

Dan Erez

AI Tech Lead, Taranis

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