large language models

Remove unwanted data from your Large Language Models

LLMs are changing the world. But like every revolution, they have side effects.

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the problem

LLMs know things they shouldn’t know

Getting LLMs to learn is hard. Getting them to forget is impossible.

LLM datasets include unwanted data

Personal, copyrighted or poisoned data slip into datasets and expose you to litigation

Guardrails can’t prevent unwanted outputs

Models containing bad data are bound to expose it at some point

Unwanted data, unwanted behavior

Hallucinations, biases and low accuracy can result from low quality or infected parts of your dataset

The Solution

Unlearn data from your LLMs

Remove unwanted data. Edit model behaviors.


Seamless integration with your AI stack

No need to change workflows


Leading AI experts trust Hirundo

As AI regulation evolves, cost effective Machine Unlearning technology will become a must.

Avi Tel-Or

CTO, Intel Ignite

I've tried many data quality solutions. Hirundo finds data issues and mislabels at a level I’ve never seen before.

Dan Erez

AI Tech Lead, Taranis

Ready to forget?

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