The Machine Unlearning Platform

Find and remove unwanted data from your AI models

Hirundo lets you easily unlearn items from your models and training data

Our Solutions

Dataset Optimization

  • Increase accuracy
  • Optimize training data
  • Debug non-generative models
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Large Language Models

  • Remove bad data
  • Improve predictions
  • Fix hallucinations and biases
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  • Address DSARs
  • Maintain compliance
  • Remove sensitive data
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The Problem

Data labeling issues hurt accuracy and waste time

Data science teams waste days sifting through data and building makeshift in-house solutions.

The Solution

Find and remove data quickly and easily

Hirundo specializes in unlearning - removing data without retraining

Locate unwanted data with a few clicks

Input faulty predictions to find the items causing the issues.

Get clear insights on data labeling issues

Scan your data for mislabels, outliers, under-sampled areas and more.

Remove bad data, maintaining full accuracy

Unlearn faulty items without retraining or hurting accuracy. Iterate fast to debug and optimize.

dataset optimization

Debug, unlearn and optimize your models

Hit accuracy goals and complete projects faster.

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Keep your AI models and training data compliant

Prepare for oncoming regulation and de-risk your AI operations.

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Leading AI experts trust Hirundo

As AI regulation evolves, cost effective Machine Unlearning technology will become a must.

Avi Tel-Or

CTO, Intel Ignite

I've tried many data quality solutions. Hirundo finds data issues and mislabels at a level I’ve never seen before.

Dan Erez

AI Tech Lead, Taranis


Stop wasting time sifting through data

Less data grind. More data science.

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Onboard fast

Install, link your data and start working.

Improve accuracy

Remove bad data and improve results.

Save time

Get instant insights into labeling issues.

Save money

Retraining costs ~20 times more than unlearning.


Seamless integration with your AI stack

No need to change workflows

Ready to forget?

Start removing unwanted data with a few clicks