Keep your models and training data GDPR compliant

De-risk your AI operation by removing any unwanted personal data.

the problem

83% of AI models are noncompliant*

Personal data is everywhere, and its hard to find.

DSARs can’t be resolved

Customers care about their data more than ever. And companies can’t comply with their requests.

Finding and erasing data is inefficient

With so much data, some of it inside deployed AI models - it’s nearly impossible to be compliant

Regulatory exposure due to PII in models

Hefty fines (up to 4% of revenue) faced

*According to researchers at Stanford

How it works

Easier than you imagined

4 simple steps

step 1

Search for personal data

Find data in plain databases, AI training data and deployed AI models.

step 2

Select relevant items

Decide which items need to be handled.

Step 3

Delete and forget

Remove unwanted data from every part of your system with 1 click.

Step 4

Generate official reports

Create reports and documentation of the removal process.

Get your AI ready for GDPR and CCPA

Prepare for oncoming regulation.

Fully comply with DSARs. Faster than ever

Find, remove and document requests with a few clicks.

Find sensitive data everywhere

Data hides inside the model or in the training data. Leave no stone unturned to reduce risk.

holistic search

Search once. Find everything.

Stop worrying about leftover items in remote databases.

Ready to forget?

Start removing unwanted data with a few clicks